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World Without Borders

The WWb – World Without Borders Foundation recognizes the benefits and the power of being born in the digital era. It is a post-modernist organization for the new post-modernist times, aware of the fundamental role played by the digital universe in the achievement of effective and efficient transnational communication. It is a private institution of public utility based in Portugal and regulated by the Portuguese Law, which has been created to, using the benefits of globalization, fight ignorance, intolerance and prejudice and therefore increase worldwide knowledge through communication. The fundamental goal of the foundation is to help build up a stable organization to which all nations and citizens will contribute, for the purpose of ensuring global well-being and world peace.

Committed to creating a continuous global communication flux that can spread truth and enlightenment throughout the world, the WWb Foundation strives to bring to everyone the necessary tools to criticize, refute and form personal opinions about the reality. The proposal for the achievement of world peace is to establish the conscience of a worldwide humanity, personified in each and every human being who shall see himself as a citizen of the world. That is why the WWb Foundation is developing concrete and innovative wide-reach tools that have the ability to speak new languages in wider reaches, in order to translate pioneering local ideas and beliefs into worldwide knowledge.

In this context, the projects created by the organization can fundamentally be described as communication tools with a double sphere of action – each one has been thought to happen locally and to be shared globally, as to widely spread knowledge and entrepreneurship on culture, sociability, environment, art and sports: the WWb Route, the WWb TV, the WWb Network, the WWb Magazine, the WWb Art and the WWb Institute.

(c) WWB

Категория: КЛУБ ПУТЕШЕСТВИЙ | Добавил: Ksinn (20.11.2014)
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